Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Specifications to take into consideration while choosing a graphic card

Hardware parts of a computer are something that people do not prefer to change time and again. Depending upon the budget limitations and the requirements, if invested in a product once, most of us prefer to use it for quite some years. Same is the case when selecting a graphic card. No matter how inexpensive it is and how quickly its technology changes, there are a few things we consider before buying it and try to use it for as long as we can rather than investing in a newer product that works on a newer technology. As you read through the sentences that follow, you will get an idea about a few points that you should consider while making a purchase of a graphics cards south Africa rather than simply buying something that a friend of yours has.

Ø Memory size

It is nothing but the capacity of the graphic card that you should consider while making a purchase. It is believed that more the memory size, the better would be the results and visual output that you will get. There are various options available in the market that you can choose from. The higher the memory the more it will cost. So make a decision keeping in mind the price aspects as well.

Ø Speed of the processor clock

Although it is not a very critical factor but you can consider this if you are into hard core gaming and understand all the small and big technicalities involved. It is simply about the number of pixels that are produced in a certain time interval. Higher the clock cycle and speed well will be the performance of the graphic card.

Ø Fill rate

It is the rate of the pixels that get displayed per second. To explain in simple words, this is the time that an image will take in order to get displayed on the screen.


It is an acronym or abbreviation of random access memory digital to analog converter. As the name suggests, it converts the digital to analog and makes it compatible with the visual formats that are used by a screen.
Apart from these a few less important aspects include anti-liaising properties, vertices, SLI, etc. So keep these simple specifications in mind and then buy the most suitable graphic card.

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